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Born at the end of the 60s in a small village in the south-west of France, it is by family inheritance that he was introduced to music at a very young age and very quickly turned to the guitar, which would become as he did likes to repeat it again today, his crutch.

It is as a curious autodidact that he will build himself, and it is with passion that he will discover the pleasure of reading, of seeing, and of listening in any artistic form. M. Twain, J. London, S. Sweig or Rousseau served as his first guides.


In the 90s, after 4 years in several jazz schools (IMFP, JAM), he decided to hit the road to meet other cultures, other people, other horizons ...

North Africa, Indian Ocean, Greece, Turkey ... but always with his status as a musician, which in universal passport, offers him rich unexpected, improbable encounters, and essential for the rest of the way to go.

His relatives describe him as ``Birds of passage'' (Richepin), which sums up his philosophy of life quite well.

For more than 25 years, his musical projects have been linked. In turn musician, composer, arranger, it is on 13 albums of different projects that he appears.


In 2003, he stumbled upon a book by photographer Anders PETERSEN, "Café Lehmitz". A crush that led him passionately into the world of images.

Ralph Gibson, Robert Franck, Roger Ballen, Willy Ronnis and many others will be able to answer his first questions.

He invests in a pocket-sized Fuji which still never leaves him today. He then decides to give himself the time to learn and understand the world of the 7th Art.

He tried his hand at directing through music videos, then came the turn of the short film, the last part of which in 2020, was officially selected in several festivals in France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

A documentary portrait project on artists will see the light of day in early 2021, with a first section devoted to the painter Thierry CARRIER.

Over the course of the meetings, he can now develop his projects thanks to the collective of actors and technicians who have bonded around him, supported by the company '' Les Poussières de Cailloux ''.


He likes to think that our passage on earth is only a great comedy, more or less dramatic, in which everyone finds a role, or even several for some.

This is how he appears under the identity of Zan Zao for musical projects, and R.Balthazar for production.

The pseudonym is for him a way of not taking himself seriously in a society of full appearances where he is convinced that the "me" takes on inappropriate proportions.

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