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Lina Modika - photo BALTHAZAR
Billie & The Lazy Boy - Ros BALTHAZAR
Lina Modika

June 2022
"In the end there will be the horizon"
Production of a short documentary on the artist-painter
Official selections:

MIFAC 2022 Le Mans, France
Production - Les Poussières de Cailloux -

November 2021
Video capture of Lina Modika
Production - La Kosk'Umpania -

April 2020
Very short stop-motion film
Official selections:
Amarcort Film Festival (ITALY) 2021
Court en Plein Air Festival, Grenoble 2021

24 COURTS Festival 2021
FILMETS Film Festival (SPAIN)2020
Stop Virus Film Festival 2020
Film Court en Armagnac Festival 2020
Production -Les Poussières de Cailloux-

March 2020
Video teaser of the recording of
Lina Modika
Album # 5 released.

October 2019
Live video by
Lina Modika .
Production - La Kosk'umpania -

October 2018
Release of the short film Woua, Woua!
Festival selections:
Courts 2019 of Bourg-en-Bresse
Official selection:
Cahors Cinédélices Festival 2019
Production - Les Poussières de Cailloux -

January 2018
Let's Go video clip by
Billie & the Lazy Boy

March 2016
Very short film 

November 2015
Videoclip The Beggar & the Thief  by
Lina Modika

March 2014
Videoclip "On Tour" Are You by
Lina And...

Lina Modika - Photo BALTHAZAR
Affiche Woua, Woua! Ros BALTHAZAR
Affiche Bloody Red Book
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